Nieky Holzken (interview)

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Nieky Holzken

Last week we went to see Nieky Holzken with the reporters of the dutch paper Telegraaf/ Privé, Henk Verhaeren and Andy Smulders. His own soap on dutch tv RTL 5 became a success and gave a nice idea of the live of world champion of kick boxing. That was something that was very much needed according to Nieky Holzken: ” People have the wrong image of the boxing world. I want to change that and I want to be an example and roll model for children. ”


In the gym founded by his father in law, many children come to train with behavioural problems that benefit from the kick boxing training sessions. You have all kinds of kids from different backgrounds and races but in the gym they are all equal: Kids who are bullied get a better self esteem, children who are fat lose weight and so on… Those kids become healthier, happier and thus more positive. ” Me, I was a difficult kid and because my situation at home was far from ideal I got into trouble many times. If my dad said: “Don’t smoke.” than that was exactly what I did. I tried everything that was wrong until I started training. From then on everything started to fall into place and my life began to have some meaning. Also the school I was in at the time gave me some guide lines to stay out of trouble thanks to the teacher I had at the time. Now, every time I go there, I notice that I’m a roll model for the kids. That makes me proud because the sport of kick boxing also gets a better image. I hope that one day if my son Geraldo chooses to become a kick boxer that he doesn’t  get it as tough as I did. Every time someone asked me how I could afford my car I felt ashamed when I answered I was a kick boxer because they immediately assumed I did criminal stuff on the side.” says Nieky. Henk asked him how he felt in the ring: ” I’m always nervous. But I’m also in fight mode. I really look forward to it but I also enjoy when the fight is over so I can have some quality time with the kids. That is something I sometimes feel guilty about, that I don’t spend enough time with them because of my busy schedule. I try to compensate by going to a theme park and doing everything they want for a few days.” Henk also asked him if he had any tips for becoming successful: ” Life is about choices. It makes a huge difference if you go left or turn right. If I had taken a wrong turn then I would have been completely different. Probably someone that would smoke weed all the time or someone that didn’t grow up and got stuck in his youth.”

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