Ring Light DIY Tutorial

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How to make your own Ring Light

Today I’m going to show you how I built my Ring Light. This is the ring light I use for most of my portrait work. It’s not difficult to build, but just a warning—because you are working with electricity, I recommend getting an electrician to build it for you or at least provide you with some guidance. If you wire something wrong, you can easily end up electrocuting yourself, so please be safe and take all the necessary precautions. My helper to build the Ring Light was Ogi, a long time friend and very skilled handyman.

I put together a short film that explains how we built it and believe me, this is the most impressive Ring Light of them all. What makes it so special is the inner circle which adds much more drama in the eyes.

I came across this idea after watching a photographer, Dani Diamond, explain about his own Ring Light and I thought to myself: ” I sure can do this as well”. The most difficult part is the electrical part for sure, the rest is quite easy. So I bought all the materials and the result you can watch bellow in this video.

The strongest asset to the ring light is continuous lighting. This helps with three things:

– Being able to shoot a shallow DOF without the need of an ND filter.

– No flashing strobes.

– The pupil in the model’s eyes are very small making the colorful iris stand out. This is due to the fact that a person’s pupil becomes small when they are looking at something bright (ex: being outside vs a dark room). Modeling lamps are nowhere as bright as this ringlight.

Some materials you’ll need

– 14-gauge household wiring

– 26 standard light sockets

– 4 dimmers

– Power chord

– MDF wood 122 cm

– Some screws and the bulbs of course

To draw the circles we used a pencil on a string so you get the perfect diameters. You can draw the circles in the following measurements: 50 cm , 70 cm , 1,00m, 1,20m.

The rest of the steps you can check out in the video we filmed during the process.

The results are amazing an I’d rather want you to see it than talking about it. Check out some examples of pictures taken with my ring light:


We hope you found this tutorial helpful! Please leave a comment in the comments section. For bookings please contact us.





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