John Jansen Documentary (trailer)

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John Jansen the documentary (2016)

John Jansen is a retired top criminal and comes from Breda, Holland. In the past he robbed banks and was involved in the traffic of marihuana.

After doing his time in prison he got out and won the lottery, the amount of 2,5 million euro’s. A part of that money he donated to good causes one of them being

the food bank in his home town so they could buy presents for the kids at Christmas.

“I always believed I would win the lottery and give the money away”, he laughed, “I even believe that I am going to win it again!”

Jansen was a member of the notorious Juliet gang that operated in the 90’s and were tried for drug trafficking, abduction and extortion of mainly other criminals. About his past as a criminal he was very open: “Look, the rules in the world are made by the rich, for the rich. Because many people live in poverty some of them choose to live outside the law.” According to the man from Breda, many things that were written about him in the past weren’t entirely true so now he wants to set the record straight with a documentary and a book that are coming up. “ I was involved in the marihuana trafficking and I did rob some banks, but the truth is I have boundaries when it comes to being a criminal. I have never killed anyone nor mutilated them.” He also makes a distinction between the Juliet gang of back in the day and the gang that was formed later on, the 2.0 version as he calls it. “ When I moved to Spain the group scattered and there were other gangs formed amongst the others. After that I never mingled with the group ever again.”

Karmic Pro Media followed John Jansen for 6 months to put together this documentary. John did not want any publicity but told his story to film maker Jay Oliveira who directed this documentary. John worries about the poverty in Holland and how the system corrupts the people and drives them apart by the influence of negative messages in the news and by letting people survive instead of letting them live…


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