As a host on an event you as client expect pictures that reflect the mood and characteristics of that event perfectly. My work as a photographer/ filmmaker on an event differentiates itself precisely by capturing these moments as journalistic and accurate as possible. As an experienced photographer , I understand better than anyone what it takes to get this done.

What I also think is important is that I can mingle with the crowd so I go unnoticed and in so doing remaining a part of the spectacle and being able to capture the most impressive portraits without the attendees being to bothered about my presence.


Obviously you want to ensure the quality of the photographs and simultaneously also the genuine look of the people in the picture as well.

Also to capture your event or movie you’ve come to the right place! We ensure you’ll have more visibility and insight in the course of your event with a nice + – 3 min movie so you can put it up on a website or share it on social media !

I have a network of wonderful colleagues so we can also do large events that require different photographers . We can also edit and deliver locally , let us quickly make an appointment to discuss your wishes in detail.

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