Ring Light Shoot

There are not many photographers in the Netherlands who work with a Ring Light. Moreover, the Ring Light we work with is the biggest Ring Light that exists designed by fellow top photographer Dani Diamond. What makes a Ring Light Shoot very unique is the way the light shines on the model’s face and the beautiful catch light you get in the eyes. That way this kind of shoot is ideal for an avatar on Social Media, which is pretty important these days, or just a nice gift to share with your loved ones. Another benefit you get from the Ring Light is that the light, in contrast to a strobe, is much less bright because it’s continuous light and that way the model gets more confortable. Also the pupil in my subjects eyes are very small making the colorful iris stand out. This is due to the fact that a person’s pupil becomes small when they are looking at something bright (ex: being outside vs a dark room). Modeling lamps are nowhere as bright as this Ring Light.  This kind of shoot is not very usual in the Netherlands and that’s why we are the only ones offering this service.

Are you curious and do you want your eyes to shine like a Hollywood star? Please do contact us so we can schedule an appointment to meet your needs.

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